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Since the release of my book King of the Maitre’D’s, My Life Among the Stars, I have had the pleasure of speaking with many people who have enjoyed reading about my experiences and secrets from almost fifty years inside the famous Imperial Room of the Fairmont Royal York Hotel.

From the age of 14 my life revolved around this magnificent hotel as I worked my way up through the ranks from busboy to waiter, from manager of the Black Knight Room to Maitre’D of the Imperial Room. I was thrilled to meet royalty, premiers and prime ministers, sport celebrities, the biggest and brightest of superstars and the thousands of guests who passed through the doors of the Imperial Room.

Some of you after reading my book have shared your stories, pictures and special memories about your times at the Imperial Room.

Some of you have been waiting for an opportunity to talk about your night with the stars and I look forward to hearing about it!

If you would like to read King of the Maitre’D’s, My Life Among the Stars it is available here on my official web site, specially autographed.

Looking forward to hearing from you, Your friend,
Louis Jannetta