The being FRANK Show

Last Monday I was honoured to guest for the second time on Frank D`Angelo`s popular late night TV show, The beingFRANK Show. My daughter Patti was also invited and to sing with Frank`s talented band too. Arriving at Frank`s renowned restaurant Forget About It, we were greeted royally. The restaurant was filled with lively people enjoying fabulous food. Frank had arranged a private pre-show lunch for everyone and we enjoyed great wine, antipasto, cheeses and a delicious main course. The food was superb (and I know a little something about good food!) Author Dr. Georgina Cannon, comedian Jeff Elliot and my friend of 70 years Lou Myles, were also guests on the show. Before his career as clothier to the stars, Lou and I were bus boys together at the Royal York. We shared memories and lots of laughs, especially in the Green Room trying to stay quiet! It was time to tape the show and one by one we were introduced. Patti did a fabulous job of singing Stand By Me with the band and when Frank joined her at the end the crowd loved it! After Patti’s interview it was my turn. Frank asked me a few questions and I told stories from my book King of the Maitre`D`s, a name given to me by friends in the hospitality industry. Before I knew it, my time was up. (I remembered later that I had forgotten to mention my new web site and how people could contact me on it) After the taping Frank extended even more generosity to us as we were invited to join him for some delicious pasta, one of Frank`s famous family recipes. It was a wonderful day from the moment the limo picked us up and I want to thank Frank again for having us on the show. It will be aired on January 20th at 1:00am or you can get it anytime on Rogers On Demand.

Frank’s a smart, classy, talented guy and we look forward to seeing him again soon.

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