Tony Bennett and Diana Krall at the Rexall Center

What a surprise to receive the call from my dear friend Tony Bennett’s manager saying Tony had tickets for me to his show at the Rexall Centre. So honoured that he always thinks of me and my family. My daughter Patti and son in law Dave were excited to see him again and also that Diana Krall was the opening performer. I invited a few other friends along including Frank D’Angelo who invited all of us for dinner before the show. Tony, his lovely wife Susan, Patti and Dave, their guitarist Roy, myself and Frank’s guest enjoyed a delicious meal full of lively conversation. Tony and Susan left for sound check and the rest of us headed to the Rexall Center later. Our seats were terrific. Diana Krall was brilliant and the crowd loved her. Anticipation grew with people chanting “Tony, Tony!” He walked onto to a standing ovation that never seemed to stop. Song after song, he enthralled us and kept us in the palm of his hands. There’s nobody like him! Unfortunately, Mother Nature had other ideas and a huge storm rolled in cancelling the rest of the show. People waited for over an hour for it to stop but it never did so they announced the show was finished. We went backstage and had a fabulous visit with Tony, Susan, Diana and her Irish husband Elvis Costello. Elvis and I had a great conversation about the stars and renowned authors of Ireland like Brendan Behan. Patti told me as were leaving, Diana kissed her cheek and said Thanks for the gift of your father, Elvis really enjoyed meeting him. Shortly after, I sent him a book. What another wonderful night with my dear friend Tony Bennett.

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